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WHAT TO DO BEFORE A CRISIS HITS: A checklist for disaster recovery and planning. Very helpful and much needed steps to take in case the next disaster comes to your door (or your business’ door).

Via Dr. Melissa Clouthier



  1. I work for the state and we have an emergency preparedness plan. Depending on the type of emergency (natural disasters of varying degrees; attack), there is a definite hierarchy and vital communication is established with the heads of those divisions of hierarchy. Every family should have a plan, especially when families are scattered so widely. Draw up your own, or draw from the plans already provided. We live in the information age – you can get all kinds of information on the Internet.

    Start with your state’s plan. Then you would know where to start looking for help, if needed. If you live in or near a city, you’re bound to find part of that hierarchy stationed there. You simply need to find the base.

    I’m taking steps to protect our family. It may seem like it’s too late. But now that we have an administration change (subject for another blog), I no longer feel safe. Considering where I live, there’s not much chance of an attack here, but during WW2, many resistance groups formed outside the cities.

    There’s a reason the the USA is not mentioned even symbolically in the book of Revelation. If memory serves me:

    1) we’re too weak to be significant (I can see that happening real soon)
    2) we’ve been absorbed by another group, e.g. the European Union or even a new one (with the libs in power, I see us as a weak, trembling, “I surrender” nation – especially with the “Let’s sit down and have a chat” Secretary of State)
    3) we’ve been destroyed and conquered.

    So, if I see a terrorist behind every bush, I plan on sending them to “Allah” before I go to be with the Lord.

  2. Welcome to the blog, Momma. I was talking to a co-worker yesterday and she mentioned that she wounded her arm and had to stock up on cotton gauze wrap, because most drugstores no longer stock them. That progressed to stocking up on all kinds of goods, because of the economy, terrorism, fires, disasters, etc. People are beginning to see that it’s not paranoid to be prepared.

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