Boise State University Calls Conservative Students

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Boise State University Calls Conservative Students: Desperately looking for alternative voices to print.

“Writers in the Opinion section are definitely liberal leaning, but that’s because, despite my best efforts, I could not convince conservatives to write. I’ve aggressively tried to recruit conservatives because I believe it’s vital to show as many perspectives on an issue as possible. I want all students to feel represented in our paper. I’m desperate to balance the Opinion section out.”


1 Comment

  1. Too bad I’m not a student.

    Here’s a chance for conservatives to finally get a voice in the liberal media. With all the talk about the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” making a comeback, you’d think conservatives would leap at the chance to say, “Fine. Then we want an equal voice in liberal media, too.” Hang on CNN! Hold the mic, CBS! All you lib newspapers, we want just as much free space as the leftist pundits.

    I think conservatives are afraid of voicing their opinions, and we’re not just being paranoid – someone really is out to get us! I’ve put some really controversial bumper stickers on my car (“Comrade Obama. U.S.S.A. ‘Change’ we can’t afford.”) I’m waiting for the dents and scratches to mysteriously appear. I’ve already been tailgated mercilessly. To that end (see my comment on your previous article), I’ve bought my first gun, and I’m taking up taekwon-do again. Look out, you fascist libs! I’m a conservative 2nd degree black belt, and I’M PISSED! 😉

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